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Our Work
Fort Worth Lynching Tour


An augmented reality app accompanies an interactive bike tour in Fort Worth, TX. Collaborated with DNAWorks, this app may be used locally in five sites to better understand the story of Mr. Fred Rouse’s murder at the hands of a White mob.

The goal of the tour is to generate community healing through memorial activism. Fort Worth Lynching Tour: Honoring the Memory of Mr. Fred Rouse invites participants to ask the questions, “What, how, why, and whom do we remember?” 

Nominated for the Drama League Awards, 2021, Best Interactive Experience.

Read more about the project in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, "This Fort Worth lynching tour warns of the consequences of ‘when we forget to remember’

Talking Tintypes
Talking Tintypes


Talking Tintypes is an augmented photographic experience, created in collaboration with Will Wilson. The project strives to restore voice to the still image. It employs 19th and 21st century technologies, creating space for agency between the archive and the repertoire, and in so doing, disrupting the archive's discursive authority.​

Read more about the project, featured in National Geographic, "Reclaiming an old medium to tell new stories of Native Americans:These artists are using a historic photography method to shape modern-day narratives."

talking tintypes.jpeg
Visual Audio
Visual Audio: The Eyes are the Harmonies


Visual Audio is an interactive audio-visual projection. Audience members create vector art using their voices. The visual output is manipulated through the amplitude and tone of the audio input in real time.


Inspired by the Wassily Kandinsky quote, “Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, and the soul is the piano with many strings.” Visual Audio is intended to be therapeutic, shifting the traditional connection between the aural and the visual.


Each interaction is unique. The visuals, controlled by their audio, take audience members on a unique and abstract visual journey of their voice.

Save Tom
Save Tom


A mobile and web-based game. Original graphics, sound, and coding by Thomas Vause.

save tom.png


Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson is an award-winning experimental filmmaker and media artist, with an M.A. in Digital Media from Florida State University. She previously taught film and media arts courses at Santa Fe Community College.

Thomas Vause

I have always been drawn to the synthesis of art and music, the audial and the visual. My life's journey is much like an abstract expressionist painting-a bit all over the place! I have experience in music, art, video production, sound engineering, and electronics. I have taken my time to grow and maintain a high-quality standard and synthesis of these mediums into my pieces.


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